The fastest reversal

Our high-tech system removes your packaging materials’ deposit in record time.

We gained an important knowledge with the handling of internal logistic systems. Our idea is full service, and it is up to our customers to decide our fields of operation. We had good experiences with reverse logistic services for important trading enterprises which have to deal with the passage of numerous different packaging materials.

Our specific challenge: reusable packaging materials, such as vegetable crates, folding boxes, plastic trays and other empties are numerously transported from branches to central stock in order to be returned to their origin, the manufacturer. Every day this large number of packaging materials will have to be sorted, palletised, and deposit will have to be identified automatically in order to be reimbursed.

Among our other services, we solve this challenging task by means of a highly innovative image recognition system in the central stock area which, up to now, has not been applied by any other competitor. This automatic packaging material identification and counting allows us to sort more than 100 types of packaging material accordingly within a very short period of time, to remove the customer’s deposits (individual deposit accounts) and to return them to the manufacturer. The wholesale thus saves administrative expenses and the guarantee for credit notes is improved significantly.